STANLEY, UK — A mom and her 7-month-old son were forced out of their home in England for three days after a cluster of spiders burst out of bananas from a local supermarket.

According to Metro, Gemma Price, 30, from Stanley in County Durham, picked a banana off from the bunch she bought from an Asda store on Monday. As Gemma peeled the skin off, a white egg sac — which she had not noticed before — broke, and a bunch of baby spiders started crawling down her hands and pyjamas.

Price called Britain’s emergency number 999 and was told to evacuate immediately. She and her son moved to her mother’s home across the road.

When Price called Asda’s Stanley branch, the store manager asked her to bring the spiders and banana to customer service for a refund. Price contacted the head office the next day. But they only told her to shake the spiders off of her son’s clothes and offered her a £50 voucher.

Pest control specialists sprayed the property thoroughly. Three days later, Price and her son were allowed back into their home. Pest control later confirmed that the spiders were Brazilian wandering spiders, whose venom can kill an adult in two hours. Male patients often develop painful erections as they die an agonizing death.

Asda said their bananas are washed, sprayed and manually checked for quality and stowaways before being transported to the UK. As incidents like this are rare, they understand how upset Price is, and they are in contact with her to find a resolution.

An Asda spokesperson reassured customers that the chance of finding a spider in their bananas is low. It’s even less likely that a tropical spider could survive outside of its warm climate, Asada said.


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