NORFSIDE LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA — An angry Christian woman’s tearful 11-minute-long rant about a rap song has exploded on the internet, with the video racking up more than a million views.

The unidentified mom of four recorded her tirade after hearing a track called “Norf Norf” by rapper Vince Staples on the radio. It can be seen in full on the YouTube channel, Twoevils lesser.

The lady cries as she laments that music is not like in her day when wholesome acts such as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC topped the charts.

The woman was upset in particular by the song’s explicit lyrics, fearing they could have a bad influence on her four young daughters.

The lady wasn’t happy about Staples cussing on the track, in which he rhymes that he “Ain’t never ran from nothin’ but the police.” Meanwhile, the suggestion by Staples that “folks need Porsches and hoes need abortions” brought the poor woman to tears.

The Conservative lady said that we need to pray for our youth after hearing Staples’ line that “school was no fun” because he couldn’t bring his gun. Her reaction was just as negative to Staples spitting about shooting someone five times with an AK-47, thereby ending the homie in question’s life.

Staples moved to defuse the situation on Thursday, telling the haters to go easy on the lady.

The rapper told the Independent that he understood the woman’s viewpoint and argued that it wasn’t right to attack her.

Staples later tweeted that even though the woman appeared emotionally unstable, she had a right to her opinion. So we should all stop asking him about it, OK?!

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