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Girl blows 24 men at Magaluf bar:
Teen lets 15 men lick cream off her breasts:
Couple doing it on a street of Magaluf:
Young couple doing it in public in Vietnam:
Drunk man commits suicide in Thailand:
Drunk undressed girl squat on man’s face:

1. The 18-year-old woman was told she would win a holiday for blowing men in the bar. That turned out to be a drink named ‘Holiday.’

2. Magaluf has been a hedonistic party destination for some time, and it doesn’t seem as if that will change anytime soon.

3. A British woman celebrating her birthday in Magaluf let 15 guys lick whipped cream off her breasts.

4. A new Magaluf video has emerged this week, showing a couple having an intercourse on a street in broad daylight, in the holiday destination on the Spanish island of Majorca.

5. The two lovebirds are so caught up in the moment that they keep going at it even when people pose for pictures beside them.

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